Discover how Genesis revolutionizes jury management for courts of all sizes. Our seven dynamic, web based modules meet diverse needs, empowering you to shape a jury management platform that perfectly aligns with your jurisdiction's specific requirements and budget.
Juror Module
Highly secure and flexible, Juror is the hub for all your jury management needs. Juror supports 1-step, 1.5-step, and 2-step processes for juror qualification and allows you to process jurors in the courtroom in real-time (no legal pads needed!).
With 24-hour web access, Portal helps jurors help themselves. The secure site enables jurors to verify their addresses, request excuses or deferrals, and get answers to commonly asked questions.
Powerful and productive, Imaging lets you bulk scan and import documents to process paperwork quickly and efficiently using four high-powered code recognition capabilities.
Interactive Voice Response (IVR)
With its automated, natural language processing, IVR empowers jurors to complete questionnaires, obtain qualification status, and retrieve information via telephone at their convenience.
Engaging and fluid, Chat provides text responses, reminders, and instructions to jurors via a proprietary chatbot. Plus, its natural language processing algorithms keep the conversation engaging using everyday language jurors use.
Two-way conversations are possible with Messaging. This module provides reminders and instructions to jurors via email and text, and it keeps a line of communication open to court staff throughout the jury process.
Using a small office footprint, Kiosk speeds up juror check-in with the press of a few buttons. Jurors scan their driver's license or summons barcodes with this self-service kiosk and learn what they need to do next in the juror process.
Genesis has outperformed our expectations at every turn. The customization and flexibility provided allow us to work within our processes when needed and enhance our processes with its easy-to-use user interface. Genesis gives us state-of-the-art software and combines it with unprecedented customer support.
Artrie R. Allen, Jury Administrator
Johnson County, Texas

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